Connect Space Dashboard Overview

Here's an explanation of the dashboard in Connect Space

The Dashboard is the hub for all your ecosystem activity. Easily viewed such things as active events, registration records, account activities records, and much more.

Active Events

At the left of the screen you’ll find a list of your active events, which can be filtered by event name or date.


The center column shown registration activity for your event, including a current total for attendees registered and the ability to search registration records.

By searching for a particular registrant and clicking on that name, you have the ablity to cancel and/or refund that registration from this screen. For more information on cancelling and/or refunding a registration, click here:

Also, above the registration column, in graphical form, is a display of your event registrations by weeks or months; zoom in or out by clicking the desired registration time frame on the left. 

At the right of the screen you'll find a list of activities. Activities are a maintenance log of changes made to the event since its start.

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