Speaker Preparation and Rehearsal for Livestreams

There is no such thing as too much preparation!

Tips for Speaker Preparation & Rehearsal

-Direct speakers to the following help article to get setup & troubleshoot any issues they experience: https://kb.connect.space/knowledge/broadcast-streaming-and-video-tips

-Invite speakers into the system a week (or more!) beforehand to get familiar with the application and resolve any issues in the article above.

-You can choose to do a rehearsal on the real Backstage Meeting, a test Meeting, or a whole test Event. No matter which method you choose, make sure it includes going through everything they plan to present during the live Event. This includes turning on & off their camera and microphone if they are "coming on stage" or "leaving the stage", screen sharing their Slides, sharing any videos with audio, and using the Chat for Q&A or assistance.

NOTE: If you choose to create a test Event or Meeting for Speakers, make sure that they know not to use that URL for the live Event. Provide clear instructions in a "Know Before You Go" that describe how they will access the Backstage Meeting for the live Event.


-It is highly recommend to use an Ethernet cable and a network with reliable & strong connectivity.

-A separate host with their camera & mic off is extremely helpful to countdown and click the "Go Live" button to begin the Livestream and "End Feed" to stop it.

-Take advantage of chat functionality to communicate with the speaker without interrupting the broadcast. This can be used to notify the speaker of any audio level issues, echoing, questions from the audience, timing, etc.

-Only users with their camera on will be displayed on the broadcast. This can be used to seamlessly switch between speakers while maximizing the quality of the video presentation. Just remember to remind speakers to turn off their microphone when they are done speaking