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How to Use Price Tier Quantities

Learn what a quantity is and how to use them with Price Tiers!


Adding a quantity to a Price Tier let's registrants select more than one of that Price Tier. They give you the flexibility to sell more than just tickets for your event, you could sell t-shirts and meals for example.

We're going to assume you're familiar with creating Price Tiers, if not check out How to Create a Price Tier before continuing.

How to add Quantity to a Price Tier

1) Begin creating a new Price Tier.

2) When you get to the Quantities section, add a number in the Max input other than "1", this will activate the quantity tier and set the maximum amount of this Price Tier that can be selected.

3) Fill out the rest of the Price Tier page.

4) Click the Save button.

How a Quantity Affects Registration

Quantities are used for add-on products around your event, things that supplement your event's tickets. DO NOT use quantities if you want to allow registrants to register multiple people. That's handled by our Group Registration feature, which you can enable in your Registration Settings.

Because a Quantity is seen as an add-on, registrants can select another Price Tier after choosing a Quantity Tier. For example, registrants can add a general admission ticket and a meal to their registration. 

Note: If you don't want to use a Quantity, leave the Max input blank.

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