How to Track Offline Payments

So you want to give your attendees the option to pay offline. Read here to learn how to track offline payments!


As a Planner you can track the payment status of registrants who selected an offline payment method. This article assumes that you've enabled offline payments for your event, if you haven't done so please see How to Enable Offline Payments.

In this article we'll cover:

  • Where you can find pending offline payments
  • Marking offline payments as paid

Any registrants who use an offline payment method will appear in the "Pending Payment" list indicating their chosen method of payment and the amount they have agreed to pay.

To mark an attendee as paid:

1) Click on their name to view their registration.

2) Click Mark as paid.

Note: Once a registrant has been marked as paid, it cannot be undone.

Once the registration is marked as paid, the attendee will appear in the Completed section in your Registration window.

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