How to Import Speakers

Do you have a large list of speakers to add? Read here to learn how to add speakers in bulk!

How to Import

NOTE: Imports are limited to 500. If your list of speakers exceeds 500 you'll need to break it into separate imports of 500 each.

You can mass import speakers for your event with a CSV file.

Using the top navigation bar, click Contacts > click "Import Speakers"

Download the import speakers template here: Import Speakers Template

Fill out the template accordingly, upload into the system, and submit! At this time, we offer all available speaker fields and options for import: email, invite_speaker, first_name, last_name, company, title, bio, facebook_page, twitter_page, linkedin_page and picture_url.

Note: In the invite_speaker field, place an x in the field to invite that speaker; empty or any other character in that field will not invite that speaker.

Import Requirements

Two fields are required

  • First Name
  • Last Name

Using email is recommended, however, it is not a required field.  The speaker's email address must be unique within the team.

The file MUST be a CSV file. Assuming the template is edited with Excel, select Save As, then select a File Format of Comma Seperated Values (.csv) and save the file. Use the saved .csv file to import speakers.

Required Fields

The following fields are required to for importing:

  • first_name must be present
  • last_name must be present

*Email isn't required, however we recommend using it as well. 

Post Import

You will receive an email after the import has been processed. In this email, you will be notified of how many speakers were successfully imported, and which ones failed. If any failed, there will be a CSV file attached with the rows that failed from the original import. Each row will contain the errors that prevented the record from being imported appended to the original row.

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