How to Import Registrations

Need to add a lot of registrations (VIPs, Sponsors, Team Members, etc)? Read here to learn how to add registrations in bulk!

How to Import

Note: Importing registrations only works for free Price Tiers

Download the Registration Import Template here: Registration import template

Navigate to Registration > click "Import Registrations".

Download the import registrations template here: Registration Import Template

Fill out the template accordingly, and upload into the system. Select the according Registration Import Options based on your needs, and submit! We currently only offer the fields available in the Registration Import Template, but please reach out for feedback on new fields you would like to import.

Import Requirements

Three fields are required

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

The file MUST be a CSV file.

Post Import

You will receive an email after the import has processed. In this email, you will be notified of how many registrations were successfully imported, and which ones failed. If any failed, attached will be a CSV file of the rows that failed from the original import.

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