How to Export Reports

Learn about the types of reports we offer and how to export them.

In addition to our Report Builder we offer several styles of reports to satisfy the data geek in you. When you download a report, the Excel file name will include the event name, report type, and timestamp.

This article will cover our 4 pre-made reports that are ready for you to download and the steps for exporting the reports

Here are the four reports you'll see:

1) Attendee & Tally Report

This report shows all the details of an attendee, including the information on the registration page, price tiers, and custom questions. We also have the tallies (i.e. headcount) for each breakout session and price tier. As it is one of the most commonly used reports by our customers, we also added the ability to view the report on the website without having to download it.

2) Price Tier Report

This report is typically used as an invoice. It has the same information for all registrations including quantity, price, and fees on the Reports page.

3) Registration Overview

This report gives you a quick list of all attendees (name and email), that can be printed or shared with sponsors. You can also see which transaction fees were paid by the Planner or Attendee.

4) Survey Responses

This report shows all responses to survey questions broken down by session.

Exporting Your Report

1) Click Reports in the Side Navigation.

2) Click Event Reports

3) Click on the gear button to select the report you'd like to export.


To take a look at what each report looks like, check out our report directory here: Report Templates


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