How to Create an Authorize.NET Account

If you need an Authorize.NET account to process card payments, learn how to do so here!

To process card payments in Connect Space, you'll need to create an Authorize.NET account. You will be switching between the Connect Space and Authorize.NET websites, so here we go!

Authorize.NET Account

1) Get a Merchant Account - without a merchant account, payment gateways like Authorize.NET will not be able to connect to your business checking account. Please contact your financial institution directly to request a merchant account, and make sure your merchant account is set up to allow the handling of debit and credit card transactions online.

2) Get an Authorize.NET Account - once you have your merchant account, you will receive information from your financial institution that contains the information Authorize.NET needs to complete setting up your account with them.

3) Activate Additional Features (if necessary)

Expanded Credit Capability - allows you to issue refunds through Connect Space for purchases that were processed today or in the past 120 days. You need to apply for this capability through Authorize.NET.

Card Code Verification - required registrants to supply their card's CSC/CCV (3 digit) number as part of their registration. Simply turn this feature on in your Authorize.NET settings.

4) Generate your API Login ID and Transaction Key - if you're already using your Authorize.NET account to accept online payments through other applications, you already have your API Login ID and Transaction Key. DO NOT REGENERATE THEM as this will cause problems with transactions currently being processed through your account.

If your Authorize.NET account is new, generate your API Login ID and Transaction Key through Authorize.NET. After generating, it may take up to 3 business days for setup and testing. You will receive a notification email from Authorize.NET when your account is ready and functional. Additionally, Authorize.NET will create a unique Gateway ID for your account and share that ID with Connect Space on your behalf.

In Connect Space - Once you have received your API Login ID and Transaction Key, enter it into your Connect Space event by clicking Payments in the left navigation bar, then click Authorize.NET and enter this data. 

NOTE: Save your API Login ID and Transaction Key since it will be required to use Authorize.NET for any future event registrations tied to Authorize.NET processing.

5) Run a Credit/Debit Card Test - once your Authorize.NET account is linked to Connect Space, test it with a card transaction to ensure payments and refunds are working correctly.

6) Pricing - Authorize.NET charges 2.9% + .30 per transaction; it also charges a $25/month maintenance fee (you may have different processing charges if you have a standing contract/agreement with Authorize.NET). In addition, Connect Space will charge $1.99 per net registration (Registered Attendees less Cancellations/ Refunds); You can pay the estimated Connect Space fee upfront and any difference from the estimate will be settled post-event, or you can pay your Connect Space fee post-event. 


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