How to Associate a Custom Question with a Registrant Type

Learn how you can create customized registration experiences with Registrant Types and Custom Questions!

Sometimes there are custom questions that are only relevant to a certain Registrant Type. If you only want a custom question to display for all the price tiers associated with a specific Registrant Type here's how you do it: 

1) Click Registration in the side navigation
2) Click the Actions button, then click Custom Questions
3) Under More Options click into the input under Registrant Type and select the one you want from the dropdown.
4) When you're finished, remember to click the Save button

Note: The Registrant Type input won't display if you haven't created any Registrant Types. 

Still want to associate a custom question with a Price Tier?

You can do it! But the Price Tier must be associated the Registrant Type you selected. If the price tier you associate the custom question to isn't associated with the Registrant Type you selected the question won't show in your registration at all.

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